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Varieties of Banner Stands Utilized in Trade Shows

Updated: May 2

Banners are among the most used equipment by businesses to exhibit their products and services at trade shows. These portable and cost-effective marketing tools can impact the most when displayed appropriately using eye-catching stands. The banner stands come in different sizes and styles to choose from. If you also want to order these stands for your next exhibition but are unaware of popular types, this post is for you! Here, we will discuss some types of banner stands and help you choose the right one for your requirements. 

Retractable Banner Stands

These easy-to-install banner stands are also called roll-up banner stands. Retractable banners are one of the most popular choices at trade events and exhibits. These banner stands have a unique base that retracts the graphic banner using a spring and roller system. You can also get retractable banner stands with two roller systems available in double-sided models. The double-sided version gives you more space to display your product or service information. The retractable banner stands are available in various sizes, from small tabletop models to giant 10–12 foot models. Thus, you can create the stands according to tradeshow booth sizes

X-frame Banner Stands

An X-frame flag stand is the perfect solution for startups on a budget who want to attend trade shows.  The frame mainly comprises fiberglass, which contributes to its lightweight and portability. "X" form on the frame's rear is the reason for its name. The X-frame stand's banner is constructed of non-curl vinyl, making it resistant to even the most severe treatments. Since these are cheap, you can make multiple banner stands to exhibit at the trade show. 

L Banner Stands

The "L" design of L-banner supports makes keeping the banner in place easier. You can choose the vinyl or PVC printed graphics to use these banner stands in trade shows. Their lightweight and compactness make them worth investing in for smaller spaces. These stands comprise a tension rod to secure the graphic banner and the stabilizing foot that supports the stand. Due to its carbon fiber or aluminum pole construction, the tension rod allows for fine-tuning. Therefore, it will enable you to show various-sized banners for various events. 

Telescopic Banner Stands

Constructed with adjustable aluminum poles, telescopic banner stands allow for exact height modification. The telescoping mechanism uses twist-lock mechanisms or locking pins to make height changes easy and secure. More complex models can include telescopic poles that extend and retract more smoothly, thanks to internal springs. Their sturdy base can easily hold even the thickest and most giant banners. Banners made of vinyl, polyester, or cloth may be displayed on them. 

Pop-up Banner Stands

Pop-up banner stands, also known as fabric pop-up displays, include a foldable metal frame that makes them sturdy and lightweight. The frame's magnetic locking technology allows easy and fast installation, guaranteeing a problem-free setup. Printing the fabric designs using high-resolution dye-sublimation processes produces vivid colors and crisp imagery that use color psychology to evoke specific emotions and responses from viewers. Fabric designs on pop-up trade banners are washable and reusable, ensuring that your banner will last for a long time. 

Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Banner stands made of tension fabric use long-lasting cloth pulled taut over a lightweight frame to provide a flawless display. Fabrics comprised of polyester or a combination of materials allow for the printing of high-resolution designs and vivid colors by dye-sublimation or direct-to-fabric printing processes. The stands are easy to set up since the cloth slides over the frame and zip tight for a secure fit. Displays at trade events and exhibits that must make an impression often choose tension fabric banner stands. Because of the tension it creates, the stretched fabric looks professional and wrinkle-free.

Final Thoughts

Your marketing, particularly at trade exhibitions, cannot be complete without banners and banner stands. We have elaborated on 6 different types of banner strands that you can choose according to your budget and needs. Along with these trade banners, Exhibit Boss should be your first place to visit if you need any exhibition-related things from a customized booth to hanging displays. Choose the suitable materials and accessories to heighten your marketing strategies!

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