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Portable Trade Show Products

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From ultra-successful companies to startups, portable trade show displays are helping transform a majority number of brands into engaging experiences. If you are looking for a versatile solution to showcase your brand's brilliance at any event, in any location, without breaking a sweat, Exhibit Boss's trade show booths are just the right option.


Trade show displays are versatile and economical solutions for exhibiting at trade shows, sales meetings, corporate lobbies, showrooms, training events, job fairs, and more. These displays come in a variety of designs and offer numerous benefits: -


One Display, Many Options

A portable trade show booth or display allows seamless adaptation to various floorplans, ensuring flexibility when acquiring space on the show floor.  A portable display in your event means gaining a remarkable presence, customizing exhibits for different occasions, and making impactful impressions across diverse settings.


Cost-Efficient Brilliance

Choosing a portable booth brings substantial cost savings compared to custom displays. The benefits extend beyond the initial purchase, as lightweight and compact designs lower shipping costs. Once at the event, the easy setup and teardown translate into reduced Installation & Dismantle (I&D) rates.


Exemplary Appeal

Worried that choosing a portable display may compromise on visual appeal? Don't worry about that. These exhibits offer a wide range of options, each exuding its unique charm. With diverse lengths, widths, graphic panels, counters, backlighting, and more, your portable display stands out as a showstopper. 


Effortless Mobility and Seamless Setup

The convenience of a portable display starts with its effortless setup. Arriving at the show ready to go, all it needs is custom graphics and select accessories. This simple assembly not only saves time but also lowers I&D (Installation & Dismantle) costs.


Types of portable trade show displays


Banner Stands

Banner stands are compact and easy-to-assemble displays that typically consist of a printed banner attached to a retractable stand. They come in various sizes and styles, such as:


  • Retractable Banner Stands: The banner rolls up into the base for easy storage and transport. Pulling the banner out creates a tensioned display.


  • Telescopic Banner Stands: The height of the stand can be adjusted, allowing for banner size and placement flexibility.


  • Tension Pole Banner Stands: It is held in place by the tension created by vertical poles, resulting in a smooth and taut display.


Popup Displays

These larger portable displays use a collapsible frame to support fabric or graphic panels. They can create an impressive backdrop for your trade show booth and are relatively easy to set up. These displays offer a dynamic and visually engaging presentation. 


Tension Fabric Displays

Featuring a fabric graphic stretched over a lightweight frame; the tension fabric displays create a sleek and seamless look. These displays are easy to transport and set up, making them popular for trade shows.


Table Throws and Covers

These are not traditional displays but add a professional touch to your booth. Table throws, and covers are, in fact, custom-printed fabric covers that drape over your table, showcasing your brand and enhancing the overall look of your presentation. 


Portable Counters and Kiosks

Portable counters and kiosks are compact units designed to offer a space for interaction with attendees. They can also serve as storage for promotional materials or a platform to showcase products. These units often feature graphics or branding elements on the front to reinforce your brand identity.


Outdoor Displays

For outdoor events, specialized portable displays are designed to withstand different weather conditions. These displays can include:


  • Outdoor Banner Stands: Similar to indoor banner stands, but built to withstand outdoor elements.


  • Tents: Portable tents or canopies that provide shelter and branding for your booth.


  • Flags: Tall, attention-grabbing flags with your branding or messaging, designed for outdoor use.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Portable Trade Show Displays

So, it is time to buy a trade show display. And let us guess; you are confused and overwhelmed with all the options. We have a solution. Here are a few factors to consider: -


  • Goals and Objectives: Clearly define your portable trade show booth goals and objectives. Identify what you aim to accomplish at the show, whether introducing a new product, attracting prospects, strengthening relationships with existing clients, or enhancing brand awareness.


  • Budget: Determine your total trade show budget, including the display cost, shipping, installation and dismantling (I&D), and booth space expenses. Understanding your budget constraints will help you find a display that fits your financial requirements.


  • Market Position: Consider your company's position in the market - if you need a display that matches or outshines the competition or if you can focus on making a unique impression as a trendsetter.


  • Booth Space Size: Take into account the size of your booth space. The available space will influence the type and size of the display that best suits your needs.


  • Flexibility and Adaptability: If your booth spaces vary across different shows, choose a display that can adapt to various layouts, including islands, peninsulas, and standard spaces.


  • Quality Materials: Prioritize displays made from high-quality materials, such as tension fabrics that maintain a wrinkle-free finish and sturdy metal frames. Durable materials ensure the longevity of the display, allowing for multiple uses over time.


  • Graphics and Customization: Evaluate the display's graphic options and customization capabilities. And make sure that the display can effectively communicate your brand message and offers the flexibility to modify graphics for different events and marketing campaigns.

Tips for Effective Use of Portable Trade Show Displays

To ensure your trade show display stands out and effectively attracts potential customers, consider implementing the following tips:


  • Tell Your Brand's Story: Use your portable trade show booth to effectively convey your brand's story. Utilize engaging visuals, logos, slogans, and product images that communicate your brand's values, history, and unique selling points. A compelling brand story can leave a lasting impression on attendees.


  • Incorporate Interactive Elements: Interactive booth design can enhance attendee engagement. Consider adding interactive elements such as product demos, games, or activities that encourage visitors to interact with your display and leave with a memorable experience.


  • Place Important Messages Above Waist Height: Make sure your key messages and important visuals are displayed above waist height to ensure they are easily visible to attendees, even from a distance. Consider using retractable banners or standing displays to draw attention to critical information.


  • Mastering Visual Balance: Don't overload your portable trade show display with too much content.  Incorporate white space strategically to create a clean and visually appealing design. This will help your key messages stand out and prevent your display from looking cluttered.

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