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Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

Browse all Tension Fabric Booth designs. All designs are completely customizable.

All pop-up NIMBLES shown range from $1,850

Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays


To make your next trade show advertisement campaign a success, Exhibit Boss features diverse tension fabric booths to catch your client’s eyes by showcasing your brand or products in a smart setting. In our collection, you can witness illustrations of diverse booths carved into a range of designs suitable for diverse business needs. Whether a simple, compact, and straight one -> 10X20 Tension Fabric 3D Lightbox Exhibit Booth (Self-Build) AENIM20LBS

or a sophisticated & grand one -> 20x20 Tension Fabric Exhibit Booth (Self-Build) AENIM311, the composition possibilities are boundless.


Tension fabric is currently a go-to material used for creating innovative trade show displays. Lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble- this fabric comprises every convenience needed to ease your advertisement campaign setup. The stretchable nature of tension fabric gives a wrinkle-free display with boldly printed graphics. The display is structured by snugly gripping the tension fabric to the frame of aluminum poles. Their flexibility to sculpt into curved, straight, round, or various other shapes gives an opportunity to create dynamic styles in different exhibits. 


Scroll below to have more insights into the usage, types, and merits of using these trade show displays.

Key Features of Our Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

NIMBLE Set of Aluminum Tubular Poles


Poles serve an essential role in your entire exhibition setup that, gives a tight grip to the tension fabric. All of our trade show displays are inclusive of these highly durable, portable, and light poles. 


LED Overhead Lights


Without the supply of sufficient lighting, your products and overall display would have an attractive exhibition. We have integrated overhead LED lighting in each of our booths to make s display that stands out among the crowd of competitors. 


Double Sided Tension Fabric Pillow Case Graphics


Being double-sided, these illustrations allow exhibitors to showcase their brand, products, or messages from different angles. This ensures that attendees can see the display from different perspectives, maximizing visibility and exposure.


Soft Transport Cases


Making your display transportation more effortless with these complementary soft transport cases. Just fold it up, put it into the cases, and you are ready to commute to your next event destination.

Types of Tension Fabric Displays


The three major categories of tension fabric displays we offer:

The Basic Tension Fabric Exhibit Booth


Our collection includes diverse styles, colors, shapes, designs, and sizes for these self-build booths. Each of them has a unique feature that suits the different personalities of the brands. 


Tension Fabric 3D Lightbox Exhibit Booth 


These are designed to display your product exhibitions in the best lighting possible by incorporating them under the influence of a 3D lightbox. 


Tension Fabric Trade Show Backwall 


This gives the opportunity for straightforward yet impactful advertisements. Different dimensions availability is suitable for the dynamic needs of businesses.


All of these are available in multiple options of dimensions:

  • 20x20 Tension Fabric Exhibit Booth

  • 10X20 Tension Fabric Exhibit Booth

  • 10X30 Tension Fabric Exhibit Booth

  • 10X10 Tension Fabric Exhibit Booth

  • 20-Foot Tension Fabric Trade Show Backwall

  • 10-Foot Tension Fabric Trade Show Backwall

Benefits of Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

Lasts for ages


Tension fabric is usually made up of polyester, which is recognized for its ability to withstand constant usage & hold colors, despite exposure to sunlight and cold washes. The process of printing, dye sublimation, is a great contributor to retaining the vibrancy of the graphics for a prolonged period. 


Ease of assembly, transportation, and storage


Being conveniently lightweight and having high tensile strength, these displays are easy to fold, store and carry to different trade show locations. They can be compacted into small packaging, which does not necessitate hiring bigger transportation vehicles, saving you expenses. 


On the other hand, the setup hassle is also eliminated with the easy-to-assemble perks, which further contribute to saving you time that can be utilized for customer interactions. 


Eye-Catching Displays


The trade show booth is established by stretching the fabric over the lightweight frame, offering a high-resolution crease-free appearance for showcasing your brand logo & communicating your message with prominence. They also possess fading resistance and high durability, featuring a bold display for multiple upcoming events.


Customization Possibilities


Whether you want to give your tension fabric trade show display a touch of your brand’s identity or want to set it up to exhibit the products innovatively, there is a broad scope for customization. Set it up with additional props, position extra outlets, or make a separate section for effective interaction with your customer; you are free to innovate a new design for different events.

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