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Pop-Up Exhibit Booths

Browse our 10x20 designs. All designs are completely customizable.

All Econs shown range from $5,000 -$6,300

Transform Your Exhibition with our 10 x 20 Pop-Up Booths!

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Redefine Your Brand | Command Attention with a Dynamic 10x20 Pop-Up Display


Transform your brand's presence effortlessly with Exhibit Boss's mesmerizing 10x20 pop-up display. Use this formidable display as a dynamic and influential tool to greatly enhance the resonance of your message, resulting in a profound and enduring impact that resonates deeply within your audience's memory. Explore new possibilities today!

What is a 10x20 Pop up exhibit display? 


At Exhibit Boss, we introduce the cornerstone of impactful event marketing: the 10x20 Pop Up Exhibit Display. Our displays seamlessly merge sturdy aluminium frames with vibrant graphics, creating an immersive brand narrative. Strategically designed shelving, charismatic lighting, and tailored counters amplify engagement. Effortless setup, dismantling, and transport empower your team. Step confidently into the spotlight as your message resonates amid industry’s competitive crowd. Choose Exhibit Boss for show-stopping solutions that spellbound the spectators, leaving a lasting impression on your ventures.


Importance and versatility of pop up displays

Creating an Eye-Catching Presence: 


In the bustling arena of trade shows and events, where every business vies for attention, our pop up displays emerge as dynamic tools to seize the spotlight. Their larger-than-life presence demands notice, effortlessly outshining other displays and ensuring that your brand becomes an irresistible focal point. Drawing wandering eyes like a magnet, these displays pave the way for meaningful interactions.

Promoting Your Brand: 


Customization transforms pop up displays into engrossing brand ambassadors. Emblazoned with your company's logo, colors, and messaging, they serve as an immersive canvas for your brand story. Every passerby becomes a potential customer, as your brand's ethos is etched into their memory, fostering recognition and trust. Your brand's essence resonates with each glance, leaving an indelible mark.

Generating Leads: 


Beyond their visual allure, the displays become a bridge to connections. Encourage visitor participation by offering opportunities to provide contact details, effectively generating leads. These displays seamlessly transition from attention-grabbers to lead generators, ensuring your pipeline stays brimming with potential customers.

Engaging with Customers: 


These displays morph into interactive engagement zones, fostering meaningful dialogue. Pose questions that ignite thought, conduct surveys to gain insights, or orchestrate immersive activities that invite participation. These engaging interactions elevate mere spectators into active participants, transforming your booth into a hub of connection and shared experiences.

Educating Potential Customers: 


Pop up has become your digital storefront, a hub of informative storytelling. Engage visitors through a multimedia experience, combining impactful text, vivid images, and enlightening videos. Illuminate your products or services, unravel their benefits, and showcase their real-world applications. As attendees explore your display, they embark on a journey of discovery, transforming curiosity into genuine interest.

Features of a 10x20 Pop Up Display

  • Durability: 


10x20 pop up are made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of travel and trade show use. This is important because trade shows can be crowded and chaotic, and your display needs to be able to withstand bumps and jostles without getting damaged.

  • Versatile use: 


The displays can be used for a variety of purposes, including trade shows, retail displays, and corporate events. This makes them a good investment for businesses that want a display that can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Easy to set up and remove: 


Designed with simplicity in mind, they save valuable time and resources during trade show preparations. This user-friendly approach reduces operational costs and empowers businesses to allocate more time towards engaging with visitors and maximizing the impact of their trade show presence.

  • Cost-effective: 


Economical brilliance defines pop up displays, offering a budget-friendly avenue to craft an expansive and attractive trade show exhibit. This affordability enables small and budget-conscious businesses to achieve a compelling presence, ensuring their message resonates amidst the trade show's competitive landscape while staying true to their financial objectives.

  • Branding opportunities: 


Pop up displays can be customized with your company's logo and branding, which is a great way to promote your brand at trade shows. This strategic customization captivates attention and serves as a compelling promotional tool, allowing your brand to shine prominently amidst the dynamic trade show landscape. Stand out, make an impact, and harness the potential of personalized branding with our remarkable pop-up displays.

Take the first step toward success – with Exhibit Boss for magnificent solutions that leave a lasting imprint. Explore the future of your brand today!

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