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10x10 Tension Fabric Trade Show Booths

Browse our 10x10 designs. All designs are completely customizable.

All tension fabric Nimbles shown range from $1,850 -$5,900

10 x 10 Trade Show Displays


Trade show floors are packed with phenomenal displays! It is often assumed that larger displays are more effective. Well, let us burst your bubble!  Exhibit Boss introduces its range of 10x10 trade show booths, the compact yet impactful marketing solution that has taken the business world by storm. These displays are apt to fit in limited spaces, ensuring optimal utilization of both square footage and budget. These displays are standard-sized booths used at trade shows, conventions, and exhibits/ exhibitions, to display project details, products, services, etc. 


The dimensions of this display are 10 feet in width and 10 feet in depth, totaling 100 square feet of floor space. These booths have gone viral because of their affordability, ease of transport, and the opportunity to participate in a wide range of trade shows and events. The setup typically includes banners, backdrops, signage, product displays, promotional materials, and interactive elements to effectively engage the audience and communicate the exhibitor's brand message.


Key Features of 10 x 10 Trade Show Displays


1. Aluminum Push-Button Tube Frame: 


The trade show display's frame is constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum, ensuring easy setup and breakdown while providing stability during the event.


​2. Pillowcase Straight Tension Fabric Backdrop: 


The tension fabric backdrop is a sturdy, flexible straight board, offering a seamless, wrinkle-free surface to showcase graphics and branding. These are easily washable and preserve hues effectively.


3. LED Overhead Lights: 


They come with Overhead LED lights that provide focused illumination, making your display visible enough to attract visitors to your booth, even in dimly lit exhibition halls.


4. Dramatic High-Resolution Dye Sublimation: 


The use of dramatic high-resolution dye sublimation printing technology results in clear, high-pixel graphics that effectively portray your branding message.


5. Zipper Enclosure: 


The 10’ x 10’ display frame comes with a zipper enclosure at the base to ensure that the tension fabric fits perfectly on the frame, maintaining a polished look throughout the event.


6. Customization and Accessories: 


10 x 10 trade show displays offer various customization options and accessories, allowing you to display them as per your needs. You can get accessories, such as shelves, literature racks, and tablet holders, that can be added to optimize functionality.


7. Soft Transport Case: 


To protect your display booths from possible damage during transportation, they are packed in a soft transport case. This case secures the display and saves it from impacts that can be experienced during transit.


8. Single and Double-Sided Graphics: 


The flexibility of having both single and double-sided graphics allows you to maximize visibility from different angles and make the most of your booth's positioning on the trade show floor.


Benefits of Using 10 x 10 Trade Show Displays


1. Easy turn-around:


Making 10 x 10 trade show booths a part of your branding strategy provides a way of showcasing all the products and services your brand offers. As a business attending multiple events throughout the year, the advantage lies in the ease with which you can modify the display to present pertinent information to your target audience. 


​2. Economical solution:


These display trade booths offer a highly economical solution for brands on a strict sales and promotional budget. They are reusable and scalable. As your business expands and introduces new products or features, you can easily expand the modular framework while retaining the core structure. This adaptability makes it a cost-effective and impactful one-time investment.


3. Ease of transportation:


The lightweight aluminum frames used in display trade booths are easier to transport than traditional display booths, which are heavy and difficult to pack, store, and transport. You can easily dismantle and carry the frame in the soft transport case provided.


4. Durability


The materials used in these 10 x 10 display units, such as fiberglass, aluminum, or even tension fabric, are durable and ensure their long-lasting resilience.


5. Effective Branding


Despite the size constraints, 10 x 10 display booths are printed using dramatic high-resolution dye sublimation technology. This helps you get clear and high-quality prints with a high-pixel count to showcase branding elements and effectively ensure brand recognition among visitors.


6. Flexibility for Add-ons


Exhibitors can enhance their 10 x 10 displays with various add-ons such as lighting, interactive elements, and multimedia presentations, further enhancing their presence.


Maintenance and Storage of 10 x 10 Trade Show Displays

  • Clean your displays regularly: 


Wipe down the display components, including frames, graphics, and accessories, with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust.


  • Inspect elements for Damage: 


Check the display for any damage that might have occurred, such as loose screws, tears in graphics, or damaged frame parts if you find any, repair or replace them immediately.


  • Disassemble Properly and store in protective cases:


Do not rush while disassembling frames. This might cause damage. Carefully dismantle the booth and store it in a protective case. 


  • LED Light Maintenance: 


Check the LED overhead lights to see if they are functioning properly. Change the burnt-out LED with new ones. Make sure you have spare LED bulbs in store for last-minute replacements.


  • Flooring Protection: 


Display booths include flooring elements like interlocking tiles or carpets; store them properly in protective coverings, like carpet bags, to shield carpeted flooring from dirt.

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