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Hanging Displays

Browse our Hanging Display designs. All designs are completely customizable.

All displays shown range from $2,850 -$4,944

Trade shows are fierce battlegrounds for brands, where being ordinary is simply not an option. Influential exhibits are needed to take your visual merchandising to the next level and make your marketing campaign a success. Exhibit Boss is here to introduce you to our attention-grabbing array of hanging displays. These trade show hanging displays are not just presentations but conversation starters. They command attention and create an unforgettable impression as your logo and messaging float above the competition. 


Designed for maximum visibility, our versatile, custom hanging signs ensure your booth is a magnet for foot traffic. Easy setup and high-quality graphics make your brand effortlessly stand out in the bustling expo environment. Illuminate your presence and draw in potential clients with these eye-catching, space-saving solutions. Let us enlighten you further about this prominent method of promoting your business…


Types of Hanging Displays


Circular Hanging Displays

These are the displays having round structures suspended from the ceiling. They provide a 360-degree canvas for branding. Having a curved, continuous edge without corners, they are well-suited for longer continuous messages. 


Square/Rectangular Hanging Displays

These displays offer a sleek, modern look with squared or rectangular shapes. They're ideal for showcasing product images, taglines, and logos, making a lasting impression on attendees.


Triangular Hanging Displays

This type of display, characterized by three sides and an angularity of approximately 60 degrees, provides a geometrically compelling canvas. Each face can effectively present distinct content, allowing for the simultaneous promotion of multiple products. 


Custom-Shaped Hanging Displays

These are custom-shaped hanging displays that mirror your brand's aesthetics. These displays gain attention and provide an opportunity for any business's individuality.


Backlit Hanging Displays

Such displays incorporate backlighting to make your graphics and messaging stand out. The added illumination creates a fascinating visual effect, drawing visitors' eyes from across the trade show floor.



Factors to Consider When Selecting Trade Show Hanging Signs

Selecting the right trade show hanging signs is crucial to promote your brand effectively. The following key factors should be considered to ensure a successful choice:


Booth Space and Layout

Evaluate the dimensions and layout of your booth space. Choose a hanging display size and shape that fits comfortably within the confines of your booth while maximizing visibility from various angles.


Brand Identity and Messaging

Align the design of your trade show hanging signs with your brand's identity and logo. Ensure that graphics, colors, and fonts are consistent with your overall brand image to reinforce recognition and brand remembrance.


Lighting Options

Consider whether your hanging display can incorporate lighting elements to enhance visibility and create an eye-catching effect. Backlit or illuminated displays can make your brand stand out even in dimly lit exhibition halls.


Ceiling Height Restrictions

Be aware of any ceiling height restrictions imposed by the trade show organizers. Select a hanging display that adheres to these restrictions to avoid any compliance issues.


Ease of Assembly and Installation

Choose trade show hanging signs that are easy to assemble. Complex setups can lead to unnecessary stress and consume valuable time during installation.


Benefits of Using Custom Hanging Signs

Improved Wayfinding

Custom hanging signs serve as visual beacons in the exhibit hall, assisting the exhibition visitors in locating your booth amidst the bustling environment. By acting as distinctive landmarks, these displays enhance navigation, ensuring that potential clients and partners can easily spot and access your booth, resulting in more traffic to your booth. 


Maximized Floor Space

Using hanging displays, you can optimize your floor space with often-overlooked vertical dimensions. This is particularly valuable in trade shows or exhibitions where space is limited. By freeing up ground-level space, you can create more spacious and inviting portable trade show displays or areas for customer interaction.


Irresistible Visual Impact

The suspended nature of these displays naturally draws the eye, creating a tempting focal point that stands out amidst the surrounding noise. Their dynamic and three-dimensional appearance captures attention, encouraging passersby to engage with your display and explore your offerings.


Versatility and Customization

Custom hanging signs are highly versatile and can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to promote a new product, showcase your company's history, or communicate a special message, these displays offer ample room for creativity and personalization.


Let your brand's story take center stage with our magnetic trade show hanging displays. Order from Exhibit Boss today for a step ahead!!

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