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Modular Fabric Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Browse our inline and island modular fabric structures. All designs are completely customizable.
Modular exhibit booths shown start at $3,850.

Modular Fabricated Trade show Exhibit Booths and Displays

Modular Fabric Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Modular trade show booths are a highly influential platform dedicated to promoting your brands and products. They are prefabricated displays that come in various shapes and sizes. Exhibit Boss’s modular displays are made of extremely lightweight tension fabric, offering extreme convenience to outshine in different trade shows. Our modular Trade Show Booths are versatile and unique displays designed to suit various preferences and product demonstration needs. Keep scrolling to know more about them:

Benefits of using modular fabric booths in trade shows 


Lightweight frame and customization options

Modular trade show exhibition booths are your lightweight place of limitless possibilities. They are super light, making them easy to carry and set up. But here's the exciting part: You get to be the boss of your booth! Choose the colors you love, arrange it just how you want, and add attractive extras to make it functional. It's like creating your dream booth without any hassle.


Eye-catching graphics

Our booths are made to make your brand stand out. They have super clear, wrinkle-free graphics that show off your logo and message in the best way possible. These graphics won't fade, and they are tough, so your booth will look amazing at several upcoming events. 


Tool-free assembly

Set up your trade show booth without needing any tools—it's a reality with modular trade show displays! And when it's time to set up, it's a snap, freeing up your time to focus on talking to potential customers.



Accessorize your modular trade show booth to stand out! Some of our booths include useful stuff like custom counters, interactive screens, bright signs, fancy shelves for showing off products, and smart LED lights to make your brand look awesome. 


Features and Design of Modular Fabric Trade Show Exhibit Booths 


LED Lighting

All of our modular trade show displays are integrated with overhead LED lighting, which offers significant advantages. Firstly, it enhances

visual appeal by providing bright illumination that highlights products and graphics, attracting more visitors. Secondly, LEDs are energy-efficient, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Lastly, their long lifespan and durability ensure reliability throughout multiple trade shows, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice for exhibitors.


Fabric Graphics

Fabric Graphics, particularly Single-Sided SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) Dye Sub Fabric Graphics, are a hallmark of these booths. The Silicone Edge Graphics technology ensures a seamless and polished appearance, as the fabric is stretched over the booth frame, creating a smooth surface that brilliantly displays your graphics.



With the addition of Straight and Bridge Connectors, you gain the power to transform your booth into a cohesive space, all without the need to count every piece. These connectors act as the glue that holds your booth elements together, ensuring a sturdy and visually appealing structure.


Various sizes For Different Needs

Exhibit Boss features a vast array of displays having varying dimensions. Here are the options you have:

  • 10x10 Modular Exhibit Booth

  • 10x20 Modular Exhibit Booth

  • 20x20 Modular Exhibit Booth


Understand your exhibition requirements and the allocated space in the event to settle on an appropriate one.


Considerations for Choosing Modular Fabric Trade Show Exhibit Booths


Understand Event Goals And Audience

Define your objectives, such as lead generation or brand promotion, and tailor your booth's design and messaging to resonate with your target audience. This strategic approach ensures your modular trade show displays effectively communicates your message and meets your event objectives.

Booth Size or Design Flexibility

Ensure that the booth comfortably fits within your allotted space, akin to finding the right piece to complete your visual. Additionally, assess the booth's design flexibility to determine if it can adapt to various layouts and configurations, suiting different trade show spaces and themes. 

Integration With Technology

For seamless tech integration in your Modular Fabric Trade Show Exhibit Booth, check that it includes cable management and device placement provisions. This ensures a tidy setup, prevents cable clutter, and enhances the visitor experience at your booth.



Setting a clear budget upfront is crucial when choosing a Modular Fabric Trade Show Exhibit Booth. These booths come in various price ranges, so knowing your financial limits helps you narrow down options and make a cost-effective choice.

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