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Maintaining Your Trade Show Display: Best Practices for Care

Updated: May 2

After investing thousands of dollars in your reusable exhibition booth, you would want to present your business with it in several upcoming trade shows. Throughout these repeated installations, dismantling, accessorizing, and traveling from one show to another, the display constantly deteriorates, especially if not cared for properly.

Nevertheless, you can retain its appeal and robustness by practicing proper upkeep and some cautious measures. If you want to secure your investment and prolong your exhibition booth’s lifespan, go below to read some valuable information on how to care for your trade show.

Inspect Signs of Decline 

Minor issues are always effortless to deal with when it comes to maintaining a trade show display. Thus, by constantly inspection your booth after and before every exhibition show, you can detect minor signs of wear, such as cracks, faded areas, lighting malfunctioning, or others. If found, repair these problems at the earliest to stop further damage. Never ignore even a minor crack on your booth, which might turn out to be a costly repair in the future.

Also, keep thorough documentation of your trade show display, including assembly instructions, warranty information, and contact details for suppliers. This will make it easier to address any issues that arise and ensure proper maintenance and repair.

To ensure timely maintenance, create a detailed record of your activities, including repairs and replacements. This documentation can help you track the condition of your display over time and identify any recurring issues that may require attention.

Store Your Display Properly

Improper storage is one of the biggest reasons for damaged booth elements. When stored improperly, the chances of mold growth, scratches, dirt accumulation, and fading are apparent. Here are some tips to follow when storing your booth:

  • Clean the booth thoroughly before folding it for storage. 

  • Use a case or bag that came with the display, or invest in protective covers and padding if necessary. 

  • Store your display in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, to prevent warping, fading, and moisture damage.

  • Ensure that the storage areas are free from dampness. 

  • When traveling, use padded cases, secure packaging, and proper handling techniques to minimize the risk of bumps, jolts, or other impacts that could cause damage.

Train Staff on Booth’s Usage

Your staff must be familiar with the right techniques for booth usage to avoid damaging it. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Always follow the manual book provided with the booth to know how parts assemble and disassemble together correctly. 

  • If using it for the first time, practice installation and removal processes to avoid the rush during the show, which could possibly be a reason for losing parts or damaging them.

  • Before heading to the show, take inventory of all your display components.  Label boxes clearly to avoid confusion during setup and ensure everything arrives safely.

  • Develop a checklist to ensure all poles, frames, and connectors are securely fastened before each show. A loose connection can lead to a collapsed display during a busy event.

Cleaning practices to incorporate

During the trade show, your booth and the integrated equipment (LED, tablets, etc.) will be extensively exposed to fingerprints and dust particles. Thus, keep it neat and clean throughout the exhibition, and carry a microfiber cloth and a travel-sized disinfectant wipe container in your booth supplies.  This allows for quick cleaning of surfaces throughout the day to maintain a polished look and promote hygiene, which is especially important in today's environment. 

Do not just focus on the primary walls and equipment; also disinfect the elements, like shelves and trade show booth flooring, before preparing it for storage. Even if you do not frequently participate in trade shows, clean your trade show every month to avoid mold and dust accumulation issues.

Wrapping Up

Your trade show represents your brand, makes connections, and works to generate leads. By following these care practices, you'll ensure your display travels far for years to come. So, pack your cleaning supplies, invest in proper storage, and get ready to conquer the art of the trade show with a display that's always ready to impress!

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