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Trade Show Flooring: A Smart Addition to Your Booth

Updated: Apr 30

Are you worried about making your trade show booth stand out? Concerned about establishing a good first impression on your visitors? Many exhibitors search for ideas on how to attract new clients and stand out from the crowd. They frequently underestimate the importance of flooring when it comes to trade show displays.

Trade show flooring can not only complement but also significantly enhance your exhibit with the appropriate design choices. It's more than just a smart addition to your booth, an element that can turn your area into a magnet for attendees. In this section, we'll look at how Trade Show Flooring offers your booth a polished, businesslike appearance.

A Great Booth Design Can Be Improved With New Flooring

When it comes to new floor designs, there is only one rule to remember: Brand authenticity is everything. Choose colors and materials that complement your brand to directly convey the business identity and values.

It's usual to consider your trade show booth flooring design to be only cosmetic, but it can serve many functions. You can put your floor to work with the appropriate design!

  1. Use your floor design to bring attention to specific parts or areas in your booth. For example, on a solid-colored floor, pick an opposing color for demonstrating tables and chairs. This style of printed flooring attracts attention and aids in the creation of the illusion of "rooms" without the added bulk of extra walls.

  2. Use a striking flooring color or pattern to define the border of your display. This will help grab people's attention l, providing an aura that enhances visitor engagement.

Types of Flooring for Trade Shows

To begin with, trade flooring comes in a variety of designs, colors, and combinations for exhibitors to choose from.

Primary Types of Flooring for Trade Shows:

  • SoftWood Tiles

  • Rollable Vinyl

  • Rubber Tiles

  • Hardwood Tiles

  • Carpet Tiles

  • Soft Mat Tiles

  • Rollable Carpet

Again, these are only a few of the major choices available to you for your tradeshow booths. Additionally, there are other choices like personalized patterns and colors, beveled or straight edges, printed branding, etc.

Use Visually Appealing Tiles and make floor installation a breeze

Tiles are a particularly creative and versatile choice. They are easy to use and come in a variety of styles. It's also simple to adjust the size and form of your floor to suit your needs by adding or removing tiles. If you decide you need more show space in the future, you can easily expand your floor by laying down extra tiles.

You can select from a variety of materials, including:

  • Plastic tiles

  • Foam tiles

  • Carpet tiles

  • Rubber tiles

  • Raised Flooring Tiles

The elevated floor is one popular tile flooring innovation. This is a custom-sized framework that is placed on the booth's floor space. Individual tiles are then inserted into the framework to form the entire floor. Raised floors are not only simple to construct and dismantle, but they also provide space for cables and other accessories below them. Everything is neatly covered under the exhibit ground, so nothing distracts the eye or creates any problems.

Exhibit Flooring with Custom Printing Identifies Your "Fifth Wall"

Trade shows are focused on attracting attention, so why not utilize most of every square inch of available space? Custom-printed flooring is growing in popularity as a method to incorporate more branding into a booth. This method can be used to customize a wide range of floor materials, including:

  • Wood grain

  • Vinyl

  • Foam

  • Plastic

  • Carpeting

Most flooring solutions can endure the print process and effectively display your graphics.

Eye-Catching Dynamic Patterns

If you don't want to trademark your display flooring, a bright, attractive pattern is another amazing alternative. Consider printed flooring in the following styles:

  • Herringbone

  • Chevron patterns

  • Other striking designs in two or three different colors

  • Herringbone in laminate or foam wood grain offers a classically elegant design.

Use Colorful Lights to Increase the Wow Factor

Use LED light strips to highlight display spots or surround your space to maximize the visual impact of this method. The advantages of LED strips are:

  • Adaptable

  • Water-resistant

  • Capable of enduring foot traffic

  • The majority of flooring types are easy to install with an easy-to-peel backing.


A well-chosen floor is a significant aspect of your booth's overall look and can even work to draw visitors to your show. So, think carefully about your design choices. There are several flooring types and designs to pick from for your trade show booth. The best flooring for your space is determined by your displays, items, and design. Please contact us if you have concerns about flooring or need assistance selecting the best solution for your booth.

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