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Unlock Success: 5 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Startup at Trade Show

Updated: Apr 30

A Startup company needs to put more effort into attracting and engaging customers in a trade show as compared to a well-established brand. While competing with the industry leaders, going with basic won’t work in favor of a business in the struggling stage. A strategic booth setup and smart promotional elements are critical to shift the limelight to your product/services. You need a full-fledged solid plan that would focus on everything ranging from lead generation, customer engagement, brand identity establishment, and other factors. 

If you are soon going to participate in a trade show, here we introduce you to some growth hacks for startups that will act as your triumph card for success.

Product Demonstration: Unique Ways to Incorporate

Startups need to introduce their products in a grand way, but most of the small businesses have a small budget for it. But making a good impression does not necessarily come with a grand check invested in graphics and signages. 

You can simply utilize your LEDs and tablets to show your product demonstrations. Make an interesting story video that shows how your products meet your customer’s needs or solve their problems. Ensure the video is audience-specific; for example, if it’s a product for kids, use fictional characters. 

You can also incorporate viral social media memes and trends to make it more relatable. Such videos are also likely to go viral on social media. 

Fun Activities

Entertaining elements attract people, and that’s what you need to get an edge in the show without splurging huge amounts. Creating small challenges, fun games, or other similar activities is among the most Innovative strategies to be people’s favorite at the trade show. Instead of expensive gifts, you can use small prizes or vouchers for the participants to grab their attention. Here is what you can do:

  • A creative and appealing photo station where people will stop to click pictures and give you a chance to interact with them.

  • Hire a musician and ask the audience to give song suggestions.

  • The best video creator competition- Challenge the customers to make a video with your products, and the best creator wins. 

  • Create quizzes related to your offerings. It will also work to improve brand awareness.

Incorporate Feedback Section 

When the business starts, feedback can be a crucial part of enhancing services and boosting growth as it clearly determines whether or not the customers appreciate your offerings.  Devote a specific part of your booth to feedback and create a seating arrangement where the customers can comfortably sit and fill out the feedback forms. To encourage this, you can offer tiny gestures like candies for the young ones and pens with the company logo for the older ones. 

Provide Personalized Experience

The concept of personalization is at its peak popularity currently, and startups can take advantage of this trend to engage customers. Technologies have made it easier and cost-effective to implement. Use these tips to make your customer feel valued to reinforce customer-business relationships:

  • Use digital feedback forms on tablets where the customer signs in with their digital AVATAR. The youngsters would be fascinated by this concept.

  • Make a photo gallery or use an LED display to list the customers who have purchased your product.

  • Send follow-up emails to the customers who visited your booth.

Grab Every Networking Opportunity

The initial years of a new business are like an introduction period, and networking with co-businesses can turn out to be a beneficial approach for growth and recognition. Strong relationship-building could turn into a collaboration with a big name in the future, which could act as an overnight success for your product or service. Here are some networking tips to follow:

  • Clearly and in bold format, list your contact information, such as phone number, email address, and other details, to make it easy for others to contact you.

  • Narrow down the names of companies of your liking that are participating in the trade show and contact them a few days before the exhibition. 

  • Even though you are new in the market, be extremely professional and confident while discussing your business and its significance.

Wrapping Up

Incorporating the simple tips discussed above, you can overcome the challenges of standing out in this crowded business world. Remember to plan well and implement every strategy in regard to your target audience. Being smart and well-prepared, this art of trade show can show you the doors to success.

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