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Hot Off the Press: Exhibition Booth Technology Trends for 2024

Updated: Apr 30

As a trade show exhibitor, it's crucial to keep up with the latest booth design trends to stay competitive and draw attention. In 2024, new trends are shaping the way booths are designed. Your booth's look matters because it affects how people notice and engage with your brand at the event. So, besides showcasing your products or services, seizing the emerging trends in booth design is essential for a compelling and attractive presence.

The best way to stand out is to understand the popular emerging show trends in 2024.

You can accomplish this using a thoughtful booth arrangement that adequately conveys your branding and messaging using a modern approach. Knowing essential design considerations and setup tips in 2024 can level up the overall impression of your booth and the entire brand.

Do you want to discover what's trending this year? Have a look:

Trending Ideas for trade show booths

The following are some of the most popular design Ideas for trade show booths in 2024 that will maximize your trade show output:

Transparent LEDs with Curves

One of the popular ideas for trade show booths is the incorporation of curved transparent LEDs. Previously, LEDs could only be built as part of a flat wall. With modern LED technology, you can literally create your own organic shapes. They are less costly than you think, so you can see them at trade events around the world, and this trend is expected to grow further in the upcoming years.

LED Flooring

Another contemporary trend, the LED flooring convention 2024, has witnessed a great success rate. Previously, trade show organizers used LED tiles to offer dimension and distinctive animations to an aspect of their booth. Designers are now going bigger, constructing complete structures using modern software. When you employ LED tiles for the structure, you can smoothly combine images, messages, and changing colors across the entire display rather than just one portion. Even better, these tiles are more durable, lightweight, and adaptable than conventional structural solutions.

Moving Away from Wooden Walls and Towards Lightweight Aluminum

Companies have relied on wood to build trade show booths due to its inexpensive nature. However, wood is heavy, and the more you use it, the more it costs to ship and carry. While aluminum extrusions are considerably more expensive, they are notably lighter than wood, saving you money on transportation costs. Besides, aluminum can withstand significant damage before renovating or replacing your booth, extending its lifespan. Furthermore, aluminum offers booths a sleek appearance, so exhibitors are taking advantage of it.


Many exhibitions used touchscreens to deliver their stories. While this is not a new concept, the approach has evolved. Instead of simple PowerPoint presentations with PDF slides, they use animation and motion graphics to lift the experience to new heights. It's important to make the person at the event feel involved in the story. They should be able to check things out on their own and decide what they want to see. The story needs to be well thought out to make sure the main messages of your exhibit come across.

Sustainable Design

One of the big show trends in 2024 for trade show booths is to be more Earth-friendly. This means using things that can be recycled, lights that don't use much energy, and furniture that's good for the planet. Making a booth eco-friendly means that your brand cares about the environment- one of the most concerning factors currently.


Proto holograms allow you to beam individuals into your show live from a distance, whether they are CEOs, celebrities, or simply product support specialists. For the most authentic interaction, the person being beamed in can see and hear the crowd.

VR and AI Incorporation

Attendees at trade shows want special and memorable experiences. Adding virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies into the booths can accomplish this. Virtual reality takes users in a virtual environment, bringing products and services to life. Chat boxes are also utilized at booths to rapidly answer consumers' inquiries, draw their interest, and guide them around the exhibit. This innovative technology enhances the tourist experience and overall satisfaction.

Custom Lighting

Lighting can greatly impact the appearance and atmosphere of your trade show booth. Custom lighting can establish a distinct mood that matches up with your brand's messaging and provides attendees with an unforgettable experience. Lighting can also be used to highlight particular offerings or zones of your stand, creating a focal point that attracts potential clients.

Bottom Line

The trade show scene in 2024 is defined by the merging of technology, sustainability, personalization, and holistic well-being. Businesses that remain on top of the latest trends can put themselves at the forefront of their sectors, demonstrating creativity and adaptability in an ever-changing landscape.

Exhibit Boss can help you stay updated on the latest trade show trends with our innovative booths. Contact us for further assistance, queries, and more about our products!

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