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Hybrid Events: Understanding and Planning Successful Gatherings in the Digital Age

Updated: May 2

Hybrid Events: Understanding and Planning Successful Gatherings in the Digital Age

Organizing a hybrid trade show event could seem quite a challenging task. It can be more difficult to manage live and virtual trade show elements while satisfying both in-person and online audiences. As a result of digitization, business models have shifted significantly. However, not everyone likes a virtual experience over a real one. While 33% of the survey participants indicated they would like to attend a hybrid event digitally, 57% said they would rather go in person. Enterprises are rethinking their strategy to provide hybrid events that include physical and online components.

These events can accommodate physical guests and virtual audiences for your trade show. This includes people who are unable to travel to the location or are still hesitant to attend actual gatherings. So, how do you use physical and digital channels to plan a successful event? The answer is, go hybrid!

What Are Hybrid Events? 

An event that combines virtual internet components with a live in-person event is called a hybrid event. With appropriate technology, you can synchronize the interaction elements and content to provide an identical experience for attendees who are in person and those who are virtual.

The virtual and digital aspect of the hybrid trade show allows you to travel across continents and acquire leads worldwide. You can raise awareness about your hybrid trade exhibition with a few clicks. It allows everyone to be a part of the presentation without having to leave their homes or work.

According to the setup, virtual guests should be able to hear the speaker, look at the presentation slides, and potentially see the speakers in real-time via live-streaming video. In most situations, in-person and virtual attendees can attend the same session simultaneously.

Trade shows that include exhibits from the business and technology sectors are the most prevalent examples of hybrids.

Tips To Build a Successful Hybrid Event

Establish Your Goals

Determining the goal and objectives of the hybrid trade show is the first stage in organizing it. This is the foundation that your event will be constructed around. You must think about the exhibition attendance motives and goals you have for yourself. For example, raising brand awareness, generating leads, developing business alliances, or introducing new products and services.

Choose the Right Hybrid Event Platform

To ensure that your hybrid performance runs smoothly, choose a setup that can accommodate both onsite and online viewers. Ensure that the booths have enough space for in-person meetings, networking opportunities, and presentations. Additionally, ensure that the venue has stable internet connectivity and technical assistance to accommodate virtual interactions. After all, your goal is a combination of both audiences. The more seamless experience you provide for your audience, the more they will engage with your brand. 

Improve Interaction with Live Chat

The audience is a crucial component of every event, and your hybrid trade exhibitions will serve both real and virtual guests. Managing crowds has made it much more challenging to attract visitors to trade show booths. The absence of an in-person connection between the online and offline audiences stimulates the guests' interest. The best method is to provide live chats for the online audience.

Use Social Walls to Improve Engagement

The Social Wall, the Wall of Engagement, is an essential component of any hybrid trade show. It can be an excellent approach to engage with both online and offline audiences. You can bring social media to your hybrid trade exhibition in a unique and efficient manner. The social wall can keep your trade show attendees focused on their screens the entire time. You can use your social media wall to exhibit your own or content created by users. Furthermore, you may highlight brand information, announcements, custom posts, offers, discounts, sponsors, etc.

Keep Your Content Engaging

When it comes to a hybrid event plan, the content may be even more crucial than it is for an in-person gathering. It is far more challenging to keep virtual participants attentive in front of a computer screen. To keep information compelling, make sure it can be converted well into video. Comprise live polls or Q&A to keep virtual participants engaged and keep sessions short - no one wants to listen to a five-hour keynote speech.

Consider Various Time Zones

Hybrid events have a benefit that they can accommodate a wide range of people's schedules, despite their time zone. 

Even if some of your guests are unable to attend your event at the time you originally booked it, you can broadcast it simultaneously. As a result, multiple users can still join together and consume the information simultaneously. 

Hybrid Event Marketing:

The marketing value of hybrid events is substantial because you are essentially drawing twice as many audience members compared to when you presented a virtual or live event alone. When promoting your hybrid event, consider creating a website, sending emails, and running digital marketing ads.


One of the growth hacks for startups is to organize hybrid events to increase the reach of their events. It simplifies promoting and helps you obtain more leads. Hybrid events are the future because they are convenient, schedule-friendly, and able to meet several people’s needs. This experience is great because both virtual and in-person individuals are able to share common interests in a common space that best suits them. Now that you understand how to organize and make a hybrid event a success, the excitement begins as you can start planning your next event!

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