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First Time Setting Up a Booth in the Trade Show? Here’s What You Should Know

Updated: Apr 30

It’s your first time setting trade show booth. Feeling both nervous and excited? Don’t you worry, as it’s normal. 

However, to be more confident in nailing the floor, be relax and ready -

  • Identify what you desire - either you want investors, build contacts, or want to enter the market

  • Find your target audience 

  • Make the booth interactive

This is all you can do to make yourself visible. Here we will guide you to the three phases of an effective booth setup - preplanning, execution, and rollout. Scroll down

Let’s Plan

Your Budget

Capital rules the world, and this impacts every decision you make. When you are aware of how much money you have in your hand, the more calculated steps you will take. Ensure to invest in the portable booth setup. Divide your budget accordingly among 

  • Venue’s rent (approx)

  • The staff you are employing

  • Display structure and design

  • Graphic design and printing

  • Furniture and lighting equipment

  • Insurance, if necessary

  • Digital Displays

  • Transportation 

Carefully planning and allocating the funds will help across these key areas, and you can ensure a well-rounded and impactful presence as the trade show companies. 

Know the place

Now is the time to visit and select where you will put up your booth. ‘Cause one venue has been divided into many sections. These could be:-  

  • Premium spaces - that are expensive have big areas, receive the maximum footfall  

  • Standard spaces -  are less expensive, have small areas compared to the premiums, and have a good amount of visitors

  • Compact spaces - these are normally the small compounds, away from the center of attention, in budget

All the other activities will begin after the booth place is finalized. So, the earlier you select the space, the more time you prepare for the trade show exhibit.  

Task Assigning

The budget and place have been decided, now is the time to assign the task to your staff. It is also important, as knowing how many people you need and what task is being completed by whom will help in good management. After allocation, the job requires a mock drill for error-free execution. It will give the employees first-hand experience in public dealing and equipment use, avoiding glitches. 

Booth Building

Drawing - in Reality

Here begins the phase of execution - the art of trade show. Setting up the booth needs many things; their proper placement will help you get the desired outcome. It involves the kind of booth you desire - hanging, square, or custom-designed, the kind of fabric you are implementing. 

  • What space are you using for your product placement

  • Where the employees are taking queries

  • Which area is allocated to the setting furniture and other equipment

The Setup

Along with that, what plays an important role is the words, as these have the power to attract prospective customers to your booth. However, many different features of writing affect the human psyche. 

  • Font - These should be attractive and understandable, as unclear and difficult-to-read words can create many hurdles in your dreams.

  • Colors - The colors you want to publish your words and the background shades also matter here. Even the hues in your booth directly influence the word palette.

Technology and Lights

New and advanced gadgets, techniques, and lighting equipment (smart LED screens and lights) are entering the market at a rapid speed. So, invest in these technological trends to make the booth attractive. Moreover, you can provide live demos to your visitors using the technology. With the strategic placement of lights, you can make your product the center of attention. 

Time to Wrap Up

Secure Documents

After your successful completion of the trade show, now comes the time to bid adieu to the booth. But before doing that, ensure you have secured all your important and confidential reports - 

  • Investors' details, 

  • Visitors' feedback, 

  • Access details, 

  • Gadgets, or 

  • Other rented stuff 

If these fall into the wrong hands, all your hard work will go in vain. So be cautious as this is one of the delicate steps. 

Inventory and Transportation 

Conduct a thorough survey on all the items - divide these as per categories and which belongs to you and what is rented. Pack the stuff according to their fragility and weight, and ensure every product is labeled before dispatching. Keep tracking the shipment/ freight to make sure the stuff is safe and sound. 


When every important detail is kept safe, the final task is dismantling the booth. Secure the banners, posters and begin carefully wrapping the booth till another tradeshow.

Knowing your requirements beforehand will help you make informed decisions regarding your booth’s architecture for strategic planning. By following these steps, you will have the best time in your first-ever trade show, and don’t forget that Exhibit Boss is always there to help. We are just one email or call away.

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