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Tips For Creating An Environmentally-Friendly Trade Show Display

Updated: May 2

Sustainability and environmental awareness have become an important part of the business world where its also extending its influence into trade shows. Through adopting eco-friendly practices, you can strengthen your business identity and also position yourself as a forward-thinking leader in your industry. Trade shows offer a great platform for presenting your products and services to potential clients while showcasing your commitment to the environment through green trade show displays.

As per the reports, 92% of companies aim to enhance their sustainability efforts when participating in trade shows while increasing their appeal to environmentally conscious prospects.

Now, are you curious about how to create an environmentally friendly trade show display that attracts eco-friendly prospects? Keep reading for some insightful tips!

Tips To Make An Environmentally-Friendly Trade Show Display

Select Sustainable Material

Are you aware that material used in the trade show displays, like PVC or form board, generates greenhouse gas emissions, out of which 60% of this material ends up in landfills? 

Well, that's exactly why you must opt for eco-friendly and sustainable materials that can contribute to minimizing any environmental harm. For instance, recycled aluminum, FSC-certified wood, bamboo, recyclable metal, and other biodegradable materials can be used, which speaks volumes about your commitment to sustainability. 

Use Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

You can make your trade show display more ecologically sound through LED lights in order to minimize energy consumption. These solutions are very durable and reduce carbon footprints as compared to other lighting options. Another way of saving energy is by taking advantage of products that are powered by solar panels. 

Go For Modular Designs

Try utilizing cost-effective modular display designs that are easy to design, durable, and have great portability. This one-time investment can be reusable and reconfigurable while avoiding any waste practices that may harm the environment.

Replace Printed Material With Digital Displays

You can attract the crowd or, more specifically, potential clients by incorporating digital displays instead of printing material, as approximately 1 billion trees are cut for paper production. These digital screens are very eco-friendly and spark interest in attendees while providing them with an engaging experience. You can also offer the prospects access to your business's information through QR codes or digital brochures rather than printed media to be more ecologically sound while also collecting their attendees' contact information for a post-show follow-up.

Transportation Consideration 

The shipping or transportation of display material causes carbon emissions, which is why you must opt for material that is locally sourced. The lightweight material can also minimize fuel consumption.

Opt For Eco-friendly Venue

The most important tip for creating a sustainable trade show display is to ensure that you opt for a green, i.e., eco-friendly, venue that contains proper waste management practices and is powered by renewable energy. Also you can also inquire about these locations by learning about their energy-saving practices and whether they align with your eco-friendly plans or not. So, Go Green without compromising with anything.

Choose Sustainable Flooring

The cork flooring, linoleum, glass tiles or palm wood can be used as sustainable options for flooring. These are made from renewable and recycled material, helping in reducing any negative impact on the environment.  

Ecologically Sound Giveaways 

While promoting your business and trying to achieve better ROI, you can offer your potential clients ecologically sound giveaways while avoiding single-use plastics. For instance, recycled pens, eco-friendly notebooks, or reusable tote bags can be a better choice for giveaways. 


You can easily collaborate with suppliers or vendors that have environment consciousness. Through this, you can ensure that all the aspects of your environmentally friendly trade show display are directly aligned with sustainability goals. You can also collaborate or support projects working towards conserving the environment. Therefore, being a part of this wonderful initiative allows you to even invest in the carbon offset programs as well, which may help you in evaluating the carbon footprint of your display.   


Trade shows alone generate approximately 600,000 tons of trash in the USA per year, which brings the need to opt for sustainable practices while showcasing your business products or services. You can easily opt for an environmentally friendly trade show display that uses biodegradable material and does not contribute to carbon emissions. So, Go green in order to save the environment.

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