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Creative Utilizations of Backlit Displays

Updated: Apr 30

Intelligent use of lighting has always remained a strategic approach that pushes your brand exhibition toward a recognizable spotlight. Trade shows offer opportunities to expand but success is feasible only with a mindfully designed display booth.

A Backlit display is among the most popular choices that not only illuminate your booth but also brighten up your brand image. The task of grabbing the potential customer’s attention becomes easier when your messages are lit and striking. We are going to discuss below how can you utilize this display to maximize your output from the exhibition.

Highlight A Certain Area With a Special Message

This can help you instantly engage the audience with your company’s vision. Start by finalizing a message you want to convey, preferably choosing a short and crisp one. Not just text, you can also demonstrate it using a well-designed illustration. Once you settle on a final idea, dedicate a special area to the display and add this. To keep all the focus on it, remove aggressive colors and sophisticated designs from other areas of your display. This way, when the customers glance at your booth, all they will see is your message showcasing your brand’s identity without any distraction.

Give Your Products a Special Spot

If you are participating in an exhibition to introduce your exclusive products, surely there is a need for a good spot to demonstrate them. You can choose the backlit displays with shelves that provide illuminated areas to accommodate your products and make them the most attractive part of the booth.

While doing so, you can also add a few informational elements about the product. For instance, displaying the price, available discounts, specifications, or warranties additionally pull more customers toward your booth.

Make boldness your Companion

A lit background is capable of presenting your graphics in a bold form. Using deep tones and intense graphics will create a striking booth to present your brand like a show stopper. While customizing your exhibition booth, remember to choose the colors mindfully. Also, try to stick to the hues compatible with your logo and brand.

Include Some Interactive graphics

Why not just sprinkle some innovation in the form of interactive animated graphics? This is especially a plus point if your brand targets adolescents or kids. People would love to spend some time looking at and having fun with those animated illustrations. And this is the time to get them engaged with your offerings and have a meaningful conversation.

Not just that, it can also give your brand some free-of-cost exposure. People are curious to click pictures whenever they go and if your booth successfully impresses your audience, they are going to click themselves at your booth. There are high chances that they will post these pictures on social media and that’s when your brand is on the way to more recognition.

What About Backlit Counters?

Counters are a very crucial element of an overall trade show display. Being versatile, they can be used for accomplishing multiple tasks, ranging from an interactive session with the customers to demonstrating your new launches. Incorporating backlit counters with your brand logo enhances their appeal and makes them more relevant to your business.

A Full Logo Display

You can keep it simple and impactful at the same time with this idea. Simply just get your booth to display the logo of your company in full size. This is one of the commonly used brand awareness techniques to familiarize people with your logo. They are more likely to give your logo some attention if it’s put on the focus with a big size. There will be no other distracting elements, thus, the focus will just be on the logo. It’s a way to be one of the recognizable brands in the industry not just by customers but by your competitors as well.

Wrapping Up

The strategic utilization of backlit displays at trade show booths emerges as a game-changer in the pursuit of industry networking, audience engagement, and customer acquisition. The luminescence not only brightens your booth but also accentuates your brand image, making it impossible for visitors to look away. With each click of a picture, each interaction, and every lasting impression, your brand's recognition and impact grow, leading to success in the dynamic world of trade shows.

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