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Pop Up Display for Trade Show

Browse our Pop-Up Booth designs. All designs are completely customizable.

All pop-up ECONS shown range from $1,850 -$5,944

Introduction to Pop Up Display for Trade Show

When many physical interactive sessions vanished due to virtual marketing sessions, trade shows retained their influential power! 


Trade shows are regarded as a highly influential promotional opportunity that encourages lead generation, extended industry networking, brand awareness, and other purposes-fulfillment. In such events, the presentation style of your products is the core of success, and we have the right exhibition tools to help you maximize the output of these quick interactive sessions. 


Exhibit Boss assists businesses in making this audience-bond-building opportunity more compelling and lasting with smart pop up display designs available in different sizes and styles. We have an incredible collection of impactful pop up booths that can be accessorized and customized smartly for your business to steal the limelight in the show. Our easy-to-setup and lightweight pop up booths are made to be customized with your brand’s unique essence and reused for upcoming events.


Top-notch Features In Our Pop Up Displays

Let’s know the types of pop up stand displays we have for different business needs and preferences:


High-Resolution PVC Photomural Graphic Panels

It gives you an opportunity to flaunt your business details with visually stunning and detailed graphics that capture the attention of attendees while conveying brand messaging. The high-resolution printing ensures that logos, images, and text appear crisp and professional.

Display LED lights


The significance of light cannot be undervalued while exhibiting your products in the best possible view.  We have integrated LED lights in each display to ensure that your portal has a glow that grabs viewers’ attention. 


Along with the overhead LEDs, some of our pop ups with shelves have spotlights for the interior shelves. While gracing up your products, these give an innovative appearance to the trade show.


Diverse Counters


Every pop up has its own factor of uniqueness, and each of them is equipped with different sizes and shapes of counters. They encourage smoother engagement with visitors, effective product showcasing, and conducting demonstrations.


You can explore our product collection to understand the specific features of each of our pop ups.

How to Choose the Right Pop Up Display

The set-up requirements


Take into account your usage requirements before settling on a display. For instance, if you are a frequent user or traveler to trade shows, you must go for a pop up booth that is portable, lightweight, easy to set up, reusable, and durable.

Consider The Dimensions


You must have the details of the trade show and how much space you will be occupying. This will help you decide whether to go for a small, less-accessorized pop up or a grand one. We have booths to fulfill either of these needs with a compact one of 10 x 10 trade show displays or a grander one with a 20x20 booth.

What Features You Need 


You must know beforehand what features are required for an influential pop up display for trade show. Consider your needs, such as demonstration requirements, exhibition needs, and client interaction portals. Accordingly, select the booth with shelves, lighting, counters, and other similar features.

How to maintain and Store Pop Up Displays

Preserve Its Original state with cleaning


Remove dust, fingerprints, or smudges after every use to keep your pop up displays clean and avoid dust build-ups. Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap and water to gently wipe down the frames and graphics.


Appropriate Usage


When setting up or dismantling the display, handle it carefully to prevent any wear or damage. Ensure that you are following the instructions for assembly and disassembly to avoid putting undue stress on the frame or graphic panels. Avoid rushing or forcing the components apart, as this can lead to breakage or misalignment.

Store in Protective Cases


Invest in durable and protective cases or bags designed specifically for your pop up tradeshow displays. These cases will provide secure storage and transportation, protecting the frames, graphics, and accessories from scratches, dents, or other damage. Label the cases to easily identify the contents.

Organize and Stack Properly


If you have multiple pop up displays or accessories, organize them neatly and stack them in a stable manner to save space. Ensure that heavier items are placed at the bottom to avoid crushing or damaging lighter components.

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